Rik de Groot

Rik de Groot is a Lead Consultant in Agile transformations and an expert in organizational change and business agility. Specialized in maturing Agile organizations reach the next level by helping managers become leaders and fix the organizational ecosystem. He enjoys taking people into the essence of Agile thinking and practices, doing Agile transformation and leadership while sharing real-world experiences from medium to large companies.

Rik’s passion is to engage people in fixing real problems through a human-centered approach at every level of the organization. He believes serious games engage people to learn and adopt by experiencing playfully and effectively.

Certified Agile Master, Creator of serious games, and author of the book A Pocket Guide for responsive organizations.



Presentatie tijdens het jaarcongres (samen met Marianne Pot):

‘Experience the true face of Agile by playing!’



Do you want to work Agile and collaborate effectively in your organization? Changes like this are complex and have a major impact on the organization. How do you involve everyone in this change?

The True Face of Agile is experience the Agile mindset. Learn by doing!

The game has all components in it to experience what the Agile mindset and iterative working is. Discover which aspects you can already apply tomorrow. In three exciting sprints, teams experience the Agile mindset and work on a mini-chain reaction. Ultimate cooperation is required to achieve a good end result. Can you manage to get one working system at the end?


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