Erik Peet

My name is Erik Peet and my talent is to let teams grow in maturity to self-organization so that teams can fulfil organization, team and personal goals faster, better and happier. Maturity of teams is based on the quality of the interaction and so their collaboration.

My approach is based on systemic work and assumes that teams are capable of taking ownership for their development. It is my role as a team coach to stimulate ownership and the movement by asking open questions, being honest in my feedback, being curious by postponing judgments as long as possible, to deepen by testing provocative assumptions. I embrace the start situation and let the team make the biggest possible small step from there.

If required, I take on the role of trainer, mentor, agile coach, transformation manager.





Presentatie tijdens het jaarcongres:

Hoe visualisatie nieuw licht laat schijnen op het agile manifesto.





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